Directions to Lake Chala

From Dar-es-Salaam:  Travel west on the B1, turn right at Himo Junction onto the A23 and follow directions below.

From Arusha or Moshi:  keep straight on the A23 at Himo Junction 
  1. From Himo Junction it is 10 kms to the Chala turn off. @ GPS: S. 03 22.464E'  037. 36.513 mins.
  2. Pass the turn to Marangu on your left in Himo town 
  3. 9 kms from Himo there is a milestone on the left showing 'Holili 6 km'
  4. This is followed by five sweeping bends and a slight rise, at the top of the rise turn left onto the gravel road to Chala. There is a sign on the main road to Lake Chala Safari Lodge and Campsites.
  5. If coming from the the Taveta/ Holili border drive 4 kms and turn right onto the gravel road

Below, driving from Himo, photos 1.2.3. the turn off the A23 to Chala, onto the gravel road, the municipality has removed our  signs.  The Tanroads sign is also gone now.





Photos 4 - 8 the five 'drifts' or 'dongas' to cross on the gravel road to Chala.    NB. In picture 7 the old Candelabra tree has fallen down. 









9.5 kilometers from the main road brings you to a 4 way cross road turn right.  Photos 9 - 11. 

Follow the power lines downhill, Chala Hill is ahead of you.  After the second Chala sign the road bends 90% left, you are now on private land which runs through bush. 

   9.              The Crossroads 


   10.               Chala Hill ahead 

11.       Nearly there 

Please drive slowly on this last stretch of road to the barrier, as a variety of animals from the tiny ground squirrels to elephant can be crossing along here.

  At Chala, the barrier

Turn left to the camps 

Signs to the various campsites 

                                               Karibuni the Lake Chala Safari Camp, GPS 3%18'30S  37%41E

                                                             We hope you have a wonderful stay 

The road in to Lake Chala Camp can now clearly be followed on Google Maps and Trax4africa Padkos