Plants and trees of  Chala

From lush lake shore forest, to stunning volcanic savannah, Chala is immensly rich in flora.  A vast array of  trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses,  including rare plants, some endemic to Chala,  adorn the landscape.  The variety is astounding and beautiful in this harsh environment. 

Flowers:  Throughout the year an assortment of beautiful and delicate flowers are to be found at Chala.

Flora tanzania Lake Chala Safari Camp
Plants Kilimanjaro Lake Chala Safari Camp
Flowering Shrubs:

Flowering shrubs too show off their beauty, with a  range of flowers and berries.

Tanzanian plants Lake Chala Safari Camp

The Sickle bush below, and glowing berries on the right

     Sesamothamnus Rivae Engl. below. Found south from Ethiopia but here at the extreme edge of their range, so quite rare in Tanzania

Plants Kilimanjaro Lake Chala Safari Camp
berries Lake Chala Safari Camp


Trees are are also varied and fascinating in their range of species

The beautiful flower of Delonix elata

Forest trees down at the lake

      Fever trees


  Marula trees at the camp  

Grasses: From August until October grasses are spectacular at Chala,  and beautiful in the evening sun.